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**I now own copyright for Veri-Tru models and most Veri-tru plans are available**

Ron Moulton tribute votesak plan now available £5 inc post just request one by email



You can download the .pdf reader free from

List in Word can also be opened in Open Office a free download from here

A selecton of quality laser cut parts are available from Neil Gillies

**SPECIAL** Ernie Webster and Keil Kraft article click for details

This site is dedicated to the preservation of our model making history.
The plans in my collection have been gathered over several decades
by swapping with like minded model makers, all of whom deserve
a big thank you for their help with this project.

I am trying to create an reference archive of model designs over the years.
This is my hobby and not a commercial venture.
All my plans are available free to swap as files or paper copies.
If you want a print and don't have any to swap,
I then have to charge for paper and ink but I make no profit on this.


Plan list is far more comprehensive than the site so check it out.


Please be patient whilst this site is being built. Pictures of the models are being added all the time.


This is not a commercial site and is primarily for swapping plans

I can only sell plans which are no longer printed by the makers.

All types of models are catered for, aircraft, boats, cars, millitary vehicles etc.

I can enlarge or reduce plans to any size.

I can scan and print up to 42" wide.

Plans are acceped in any format and can be delivered either printed, emailed or on disc.

I will scan and return any plans that are sent to me.

My printer will also do prints of photos onto canvas if required.